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Did You Know Chiropractors Treat More Than Neck And Back Pain...

Runner’s Knee (Jumper’s Knee, Patellar Tendonitis)

Degenerative inflammation of the patellar tendon (ligament) at its bony attachment site. It becomes strained, damaged and weakened through activities such as running and jumping sports; especially running hills or stairs training. The chief complaint is pain just below the knee cap. The onset of pain is typically sudden (acute), but may also come on gradually. The condition is commonly seen in young athletes who have begun to participate in higher levels of activities such as track, basketball, volleyball and soccer. Usually these young people have gone from playing on the playground to signing up for a new sport, training with coaches and competing against other skilled players. They begin to repeat sport-specific movements for a longer duration and with more intensity. This tends to cause more wear and tear on the muscles and tendons, and with less recovery time than their bodies are accustomed. Proper treatment is necessary, though, both to ensure continued participation in sports and daily activities, and to avoid chronic damage. There are a variety of conservative treatment options available including adjustments, therapeutic ultrasound, stretching, soft-tissue mobilization, adhesion release, kinesiology taping and exercises to relieve your symptoms.

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