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I.T. Band Syndrome

(Iliotibial Band Syndrome, Tensor Fascia Latae, ITB Friction Syndrome)

Is a common cause of lateral thigh and knee pain in runners, cyclists and military recruits. Most commonly the result of over training (overuse syndrome- repetitive knee flexion/extension), but other potential causes include poor biomechanics, ACL laxity, scar tissue formation and running on uneven surfaces. This condition is most common in athletic females from 15-50 years of age. Symptoms include lateral knee and/or thigh pain with activity. There may be a sensation of the hip or knee dislocating, popping or snapping. A unique haracteristic is increased pain with downhill running that is not present with uphill running.

Proper treatment is necessary, though, both to ensure continued participation in sports and daily activities, and to avoid chronic damage. There are a variety of conservative treatment options available including adjustments, therapeutic ultrasound, stretching, soft-tissue mobilization, adhesion release, kinesiology taping and exercises to relieve your symptoms.

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